Creative Independent Alliance Support  Services

What’s a Supports Coordinator and what can they do for you?

A Supports Coordinator is a case manager that links the individual with a disability to services and supports.   This can include Medicaid funded waiver services, community resources, and natural supports that enable you to grow and live in your community.  The main role of a Supports Coordinator is to locate, coordinate, and monitor services along with ensure health and safety for individuals in the Intellectual Disability system.  The Supports Coordinator assists the individual in finding service providers, ensuring that the services they receive are appropriate, and assisting the individual in applying for funding to pay for services.

Why choose Creative Independent Alliance for Supports Coordination?

  • We put the individual first and advocate for their wants and needs.

  • We take a team approach and emphasize the importance of family involvement.

  • Supports Coordinators will meet at a time and location convenient for you.

  • Supports Coordination staff are accessible through technology and our policy is to return all calls and e-mails within 1 business day.

  • Satisfaction surveys are sent annually to individuals and families to continuously monitor and improve quality of services.

  • Creative Independent Alliance serves individuals in 5 counties: Montgomery, Chester, Bucks, Delaware and Philadelphia.

  • Creative Independent Alliance continuously strives to be on the cutting edge regarding all facets of disability related information.  This includes attending training, memberships in disability organizations and communication with legislators.

“The greatness of a community is most accurately measured by the compassionate actions of its members." – Coretta Scott King.

Registering for Supports Coordination Services

In order register for Supports Coordination services, you must contact your local County Office for an intake appointment.  Eligibility is based on having an Intellectual Disability diagnosis prior to the age of 22. You always have a choice of a Supports Coordination Organization you would like to receive services from at the time of registration and at any point thereafter.

  • Bucks County: (215) 444-2800

  • Chester County: (610) 344-6265

  • Delaware County: (610) 713-2406

  • Montgomery County: (610) 278-5666

  • Philadelphia County: (215) 685-4677

Once you are registered for services, a Supports Coordinator from Creative Independent Alliance will schedule a meeting with you to discuss your needs and goals.  This meeting can take place at your home or any convenient location near you. For more information, please contact .  You can also contact our office at 215-399-0073  We are happy to assist with any questions.